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Annual Report 2019
BMW740e Tadami Sachiko BMW740e Tadami Sachiko



“I always strive for perfection.“

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It’s easy to lose your bearings in Tokyo, unless – like Tadami Sachiko – you know exactly which direction you’re going. On her journey, she maintains a constant balance between the highly modern and traditional culture: two worlds that are also united in her BMW 740e*. The decision for a BMW Group vehicle is a choice that fits her life perfectly.

BMW740e Tadami sachiko
In the buzzing metropolis of Tokyo, state-of-the-art Ground-breaking: The 7 Series Plug-in hybrid combines driving pleasure, comfort and luxury with locally emissions-free driving. technology mixes with the far-reaching influences of traditional Even more efficient: The combustion engine from the Efficient Dynamics family combines lower fuel consumption with enhanced dynamic performance. values to produce a unique dynamism. Sachiko drives her BMW 740e all the way across town every day. Her plug-in hybrid symbolises the perfection Sublime presence: The harmonious blend of progressive design and emotive design language in the BMW 7 Series creates a very expressive exterior. that ensues when two different forces come together to create a new place of calm. Amid the currents of a changing world, Sachiko remains relaxed behind the wheel. Just like she does outside in nature, on outings to the Japanese coast or when pursuing her passion for swimming. Above all else – like the rest of the nation, it seems – she possesses an endless inner peace.
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Perfection requires time, tranquillity and a strong will. “A love of perfection is part of our culture,” explains Sachiko. This applies to both her own work as a dentist and to the Japanese art she incorporates in her everyday life: a finely painted line on a canvas, a gently curved leaf in an ikebana arrangement, a precise Strikingly different: The high-quality materials used in the interior, combined with innovative connectivity features, create an exceptional ambience. slice of the fish by a master chef. Everything is in flux – evolving towards a new and constant perfection.
Plug-in hybrid

“Customers desire our plug-in hybrids because they can use them as their only vehicle. They don’t have to worry about range and can get to know e-mobility in everyday driving situations.”

Oliver Zipse,




Tokyo Midtown and Electric Town – from the highly diverse design hub to the district where electronics rule. State-of-the-art high-rise buildings tower above the world’s biggest fish market, royal monuments and countless small cookshops. They all point the way to the future Intelligent charging: To get the best out of a plug-in hybrid, it is worth air-conditioning the car during charging. . “We are known for being more high-tech than others. I love bringing new technology into my life.


In Japan, the influences of ancient culture are interwoven with modern times. They are everywhere, creating stability Sleek and sporty: The optimal chassis and suspension setup enables comfortable driving stability, as well as high agility for dynamic driving. within the modern world. Sachiko also makes room for tradition in her life from time to time by practising the Japanese art of flower arranging. “The combination of old and new makes us strong.” A glance up to the trees reveals that the first cherry blossoms are opening – a special moment every year, as it has been for centuries.
The best of both worlds. BMW Group plug-in hybrids pave the way for a new mobility that combines two technologies in an intelligent way – for locally emissions-free driving fun and for Sachiko’s freedom to choose a car that suits her own journey.
*Sachiko has been driving her BMW 740e plug-in hybrid since 2018:
Fuel consumption in l/100 km (combined): 2.2-2.0
CO2-emissions in g/km (combined): 50-45
Power consumption in kWh/100 km (combined): 13.3-12.5
The figures for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and power consumption are calculated based on the measurement methods stipulated in the current version of Regulation (EU) 715 / 2007. This information is based on a vehicle with basic equipment in Germany; ranges take into account differences in wheel and tire size selected as well as optional equipment and can change based on configuration. The figures have been calculated based on the new WLTP test cycle and adapted to NEDC for comparison purposes. In these vehicles, different figures than those published here may apply for the assessment of taxes and other vehicle-related duties which are (also) based on CO2-emissions. These figures are provisional. For further details of the official fuel consumption figures and official specific CO2 emissions of new cars, please refer to the “Manual on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and power consumption of new cars”, available at

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“I’m Tadami Sachiko. And this is my choice.”

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