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Annual Report 2019
BMWi3 Rob van Roon Landscape BMWi3 Rob van Roon Landscape


“Je ontdekt details
die anderen niet zien.“

“You discover details other people miss.”

Discover Rob´s
Power of Choice

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Rob van Roon from the Netherlands confidently follows his own path. The BMW i3* has been his companion since 2013 – because it embodies all that Rob values in life. By investing in e-mobility, the BMW Group offers all its customers more power of choice.

BMWi3 Rob van Roon
The area Rob calls home lies less than a metre above sea level – a land defined by water and open spaces. This is where he drives his BMW i3, on average, about 300 km a day – all on electric power. Where others see range limitations, that’s where freedom. Tooltip car 1 Simply getting from A to B: The BMW i3 meets many customers’ need for local emissions-free mobility with an everyday range of up to 260 km delivered by its highly-efficient battery. begins for Rob. He already drove 276,000 km with his first i3 – for his job developing apps and for his passions: music and photography. He is always interested in the details: Intuitive design Tooltip car 1 Following his own path: The BMW i3 is a pioneer. The car’s progressive design language is an expression of its uniqueness. , a slight change in the composition of an organ piece, a different focus in the midst of nature Tooltip car 1 Electrified and sustainable: The entire BMW i3 lifecycle was designed for maximum resource efficiency and sustainability. – and, already, something new is created. Rob loves to mould his own world – eagerly looking forward every day to what lies ahead.
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Power of



Electromobility opens up new possibilities. Although electric vehicles like the i3 are primarily designed for urban spaces, Rob shows that pure electric power also works for longer distances. He often drives more than 1,000 km a week – and feels freer than ever. “ Charging Tooltip car 1 Charging on the go: The battery can be 80 percent charged at a high-power charging point in about 45 minutes. doesn’t mean waiting, for me. I use the time for other things – like talking to customers.”

“More and more people want to drive emissions-free. The BMW i3 is not just an e-mobility pioneer; still today it continues to be a benchmark for a sustainable approach. Our customers appreciate this, and i3 sales are climbing from year to year: we have already sold more than 160,000 i3s altogether.”

Oliver Zipse,




Functional and intuitive – for Rob, these are the most important parameters for a positive design experience. He pays attention to this whenever he designs a user surface for his company, which specialises in developing computer apps.
Or when he composes new organ pieces. “It’s often the little details that make a good design. You can tell when each individual piece is in the right place Tooltip car 1 Traditional and innovative: The standard u-shaped LED headlights flank the brand’s signature closed kidney grille. . That’s what makes it perfect.”


Birds on the horizon, a fern bending in the wind, trickling grains of sand: A different perspective always uncovers something new: things of value that move us and deserve to be preserved Tooltip car 1 End-to-end recycling: The BMW i3 is 95 percent recyclable and many of its materials come from renewable or recycled sources. . “I love taking snapshots of nature. I can’t control nature, but I can try to capture it.” Click. In the outside world, the moment has already passed, but in a photo it lives on.
A brief outing for Rob, but a big deal for the BMW Group: Rob is one of more than 500,000 customers who have already bought an electrified BMW Group vehicle – opting for local emissions-free driving and outstanding design, and choosing to follow their own individual path.
*Rob has been driving his BMW i3 (120 Ah)
with fully-electric BMW eDrive since 2019:
Power consumption in kWh/100 km (combined): 13.1
CO2-emissions in g/km (combined): 0
The figures for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and power consumption are calculated based on the measurement methods stipulated in the current version of Regulation (EU) 715 / 2007. This information is based on a vehicle with basic equipment in Germany; ranges take into account differences in wheel and tire size selected as well as optional equipment and can change based on configuration. The figures have been calculated based on the new WLTP test cycle and adapted to NEDC for comparison purposes. In these vehicles, different figures than those published here may apply for the assessment of taxes and other vehicle-related duties which are (also) based on CO2-emissions. These figures are provisional. For further details of the official fuel consumption figures and official specific CO2 emissions of new cars, please refer to the “Manual on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and power consumption of new cars”, available at

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“Ik ben Rob
van Roon.
En dit is mijn

“I’m Rob van Roon.
And this is my choice.”

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